Don't miss out on your opportunity to own this ULTRA RARE Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Blue Denim Monogram Patchwork Cabby Bag. This is a large, fun bag from the Louis Vuitton 2006 Spring/Summer Denim collection. It features unique stonewashed denim patchwork pieces with the iconic LV pattern, handles, snaps and pockets appliqued to the bag (because why not), removable denim luggage tag, two flat denim handles, and a huge floral lined interior. You can spend hours studying the details on this bag and marvel at the creativity of its design. This bag looks like the designer got a little too excited in the Louis Vuitton craft room and started affixing everything and anything to the outside of it Be prepared to be the center of attention whenever you carry this Marc Jacobs designed wearable art! From the 2006 Spring/Summer collection, it features stonewashed and dark denim patchworked together, this bag also features handles appliqued to the bag, because, why not? It is listed as one of the TOP 10 WEIRDEST LOUIS VUITTON LIMITED EDITION BAGS EVER! Because it is! Made in Italy.

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Length- 18 in.
Width- 8 in.
Height- 17 in.
Handle Drop- 6 in.

Item #: 39588

Louis Vuitton ULTRA RARE Denim Patchwork Cabby Bag

SKU: 39588
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